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So last weekend was basically 3 days of protesting. We started up friday afterschool laden down with books and no sense of direction at was fun but my description's quite long, so ill put it behind a link. On friday after school me, lauren winter, jason fox, and aurelie (who had just come back form retreat and was passing out w exhaustion) decided to go downtown to see if there was any imf/world bank protesting going on yet. We started on our way, and nazelrod just kinda came along, but it was cool.
So we went down to the world bank building, and there were just a few people fasting against the World Bank's destructive environmental policies,(we actually ran into big fetto and his friend down there..that was wierd). this one crazy kid with the emo glasses was also there, runnig around filming, taking pictures, drawing ont the sidewalk and stuff. we talked to him & turned out he was from North Carolina and just in town for the day...i think he came up on his skateboard. we offered to help him draw on the sidewalk, and me, Jason Fox and Nazelrod made this HUGE brightly colored deal saying "19,000 children dead in 1 hour from SAP's" (structural readjustment policies). just as we finished the last letter, it began to rain. soon it was pouring and thundering, so we decided to take off. (aurelie had disssapeared with the big kids) We walked a little ways with the funny kid, but when he left us to skate back to North Carolina we turned northward up 16th street to try and find the protest HQ. We litterally walked halfay across the district looking for 'newton street'...never really sure if we were on the right track.
After many hours of walking and Jason writing songs about lauren and getting wet and speculating about where we were (at one point i thought i recognized our surroundings as being near DuPont Circle...nobody else thought so, but they had to admit i was right once we asked these two completely flaming guys where newton street was) we finally began to see more and more posters, and were eventually led to the side entrance of a low brick church in and out of which many anticapitalist-looking people were streaming. We went in there and checked out the propaganda and the posters, but decided to leave before their big meeting started.
Not much else happened, exept aurelie and the big kids kame back to where we had been later and said that our drawings were completely washed away...AAAGH
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