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umm so.
went on a stabucks safari today 'cause i was bored. fun enough. unfortunately theres also a chipotle just moved in. Silver Spring is going to hell.

amnesty jam was pretty good. we made somethin like $240, but i still have most of the bake sale in my fridge. im thinking of selling it on the street. KYY was good, and so was Mr. Woodard (i'd never heard them before). Unfortunately Excellone or whoever it was before them took forever took like an hour to warm up and were pretty crappy but eh. That wierd guy joel who works at the maid was loosing it and having convulsions because "psycho cop" was gonna get people if they stepped on the sidewalk. Before people got there he kept running back and forth across the room crazily...even though the $5 is just a 'suggested donation' he insisted on marking everybody's hands. At one point he practically lost it and ran over and was all worked up spitting in my face about how excellone was taking forever and how somebody jumped over the chain in the back of the alley, and some fence was all bent or somehting...and that the show had to end right away as a result...but then mr. woodard was like 'oh, mr, please let us play a set, we're very quiet &c' and so he crumbled and let them finish the show. man that guy is wierd.

Mr kolar showed up, and he ended up giving me a ride home. He told me about Zapata and Sandino. he's one cool guy. Aurelie was there till 9, and veronica left with her. none of the other people i knew showed up...hey, thats cool...all in all i think it went well, anyway. Except for that fat guy with a moustache who ate a cookie and then couldn't find 25 cents. im gonna see if chinatown is a possibility tomorrow. Sunday i guess ill see Aurelie, i have to give her her cds and maybe sell those left over baked goods. Monday is lunch w/ Mme. Touzeau and probly the concert, then on tuesday i hooope i can see Lauren. Woden's day i leave.
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