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Which Medieval Language Are You?!

12th Century French

So pretty and vaguely Portuguese, but actually not. /// Bel companho, si dormetz o veillatz? (Fair companion, are you sleeping or are you waking?)

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i just took this, and then got angry because it said "12th Century French", but the quote is in Provençau. And then i realized i'm a looser.

So this week has been spring break...i did some stuff, but yeah. None of it is worth posting, at least not that i rememer. Me and Aurelie did hang out though, we went downtown to see the Maya know how that is, largely just people's fingernails being pulled out, severed heads, people steppign on each other's necks. And incredibly oversized gaudy jewlery and hairstyles. I liked it though.

Then yesterday, i was gonna go to bethesda to see "Good-Bye Lenin," but i decided to leave a little early because someone had posted in DC activists' community about a die-in they were gonna have down by the silver spring metro to make sure people don't forget that there's a war still going on, lots of people dying, and Bush apparently doesn't yet know who he's going to hand Iraq over to in a couple of months... When i got there there was only one other person, but we made some chalk drawings, and found out she was Aaron's cousin and had heard about aurelie and heard about me, apparently, through him. wow. small world.
So then a whole mess of people came, and i was thinking holy crap, there must be more than like...10 people here who are VOLUNTARILY protesting the war, not just to get out of class or something, actually taking the initiative to make flyers and come down here and crap. it was crazy.

Some kid was drawing a big "NO WAR" type deal where everyone could see it, though, and the metro police (not real police anyway) came up, and said that what he was doing (with crayola sidewalk chalk, keep in mind) was GRAFITTI, which was an "automatic lock-up." They didn't arrest him, but they asked him quesitons and wrote very slowly in a notebook. very slowly. I don't know why cops always have to be so slow about just writing people up. I saw one of those bike police once (with the short-sorts and the big yellow raincoats) writing up a mentaly handicapped asian immigrant for peeing in the literally took him like half an hour to ask the guy questions, walk a few steps, scold him, write something, aske him questions, scold him, write something, walk a few the time he was done everybody in wheaton knew the guy had pissed in the bushes, poor guy.
But besides that, it was pretty cool, since im the master of handing out flyers and stuff. we also had a banner, some people laying on the floor all bloody and "dead," we held up some signs and tried to get people engaged in conversation &c Turns out everyone there were MCSPJ veterans and they all knew big Kallmyer and Sebastian. Unfortunately i had to leave early to get to Bethesda, but the movie was really good.

uuuh...also we have some guests staying with us, which means i cant get on the computer at night, but oh well...and i bought a new instrument. The end.

i wounder what i'm gonna do now.
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