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Llama Packing. woo.

i just got back today form west virginia.
it was mediocre... it was pretty woody and mountanous and all, but for some reason it was really depressing...probably because its the middle of effing nowhere and im isolated from civilization but at the same time there were people everywhere. I spent most of it sitting in the car thinking about how to blow up/chop up/ push off the mountain all the roads before the park service would be able to fix them. our cottage smelled like cigarettes masked with nasty fabreeze.

!!! although i did finally get to watch iron chef. oooh man. !!!

and also i got to go llama packing in virginia on friday before we went to WV...that was fucking AWESOME... so now i know how to harness and saddle and whatever its called a llama...and how to approach a llama...and all that crap. I actually got to see the llama spit on the owner...apparently it was just a minor spit, but it was pretty cool was green and basically just looked like digested grass. i got to lead the 'alpha male' llama, santiago, who kept wanting to waunder off into the woods but i managed to keep ahold of him...even though he had a bit of an attitude... he actually reared up on his hind legs at some point...i think he was getting pissed off with another llama or something...i just mention it because seeing a llama rar up on its hind a horse would do..its pretty crazy. at least to me.
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