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first entry in a billion years.

so its been a while.
monday night we got back frm the band trip to Orlando...exhausting as crap. Mostly it was just stripmalls, amusementparks, fastfood and hotels. We went to Universal, and then to Disney...i brought an effload of posters about disneys sweatshops and the hiring of pedophiles and posted them scretly all over the park...and they didnt catch me, and i didnt go to mickey jail. because aj says her dad got sent there once for running in a no-running area and then sassing the disney police. We also stopped at the 2nd biggest McDonalds in the world, and i didnt even have any markers so i just spoke loudly about how they were evil. And then me and tiffany (the lewdest person in the world...she's disgusting) walked over to the gas station because she had to buy somethgin lewd. Im not sure what.
and on the million hour bussride i saw:
-Forrest Gump (id never seen the whole thing)
-Pirates of the carribean (woo! i also rode the ride)
-Zoolander (most helarious crap for crap ever)
-Finding Nemo (eh..)
-The Lion King (i tried to block it out with my headphones but it was overpowering)
-Office Space (HAHAHA finally)
-Ferris Bueler's (sp?) day off (i rememeber seeing part of it on tv when i was realy young)
-liar liar (seen it)
-Ace ventura II (wow it's been a while)
i think thats it.

So since the maid is open again we're gonna try and have an amnesty jam before the summer... not sure it'll be at the maid, though, because wer're not evenr eeealy sure its open or if we'll be able to get a spot...and shannon seems to think you can only have 20 people in there at a time or something (?) oh well. katie mcd says her church rents out sometimes, and we'll ask about some other places. hopefully it'll work out.

i found some effing newsweek at school today and id had the most blatantly effing wrong artcle ever..mother of god...i sent them a bitchy letter.

oh i almost forgot. SPRING BREAK. so much effing work to do..for one i have to do my 'anthropos' project, where basically i write a story and draw some pictures and talk about how it reflects my life in it. I hate this project.
and then i'm gonna make the terrorist video w aurelie
and im gonna see shannon tomorrow, since my spring break starts right as everyone elses ends, so yeah.

and on saturday me and my family go LLAMA PACKING. I probuly shoudl be more psyched, but im kinda not eager to spend the weekend in West Virginia with my family. poo.
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