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hoooly crap
i leave tomorrow morning and the next day ill be in barcelona.

fortunately my leg is almost healed, for a while i had a big ugly sore looking like what that guy from "requiem for a dream" had on the side of my calf.

turns out while i was away, my father threw away a pair of my pants (the ones which were fast becoming completely patchwork) needless to say i was furious, seeing as how i only have a very few pairs of non-school pants. Now i can't find my old backpack which i was going to mend, and i have a sneaking suspicion he might've found that too.

once again me & jarred went & hung out in chinatown. I got some orange BEEF (id only ever heard of orange chicken) it was pretty good but i couldnt decide wether it was better than the chicken.

looks like my attempt to grow potatoes has failed. i followed the directions expressly but nothings coming up. thanks alot, internet.

for making me miss rebrot, acampada jove, the patum, st. joan, Lawrence of Arabia at the silver theatre, Orwell Rolls In His Grave AND the DNC & RNC protests and such, this vacation OWES me. honestly, it better be good. my whole year will probably be hingeing on it.
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