azal_gorriak (azal_gorriak) wrote,

back from the back woods

so i just got back from outward bound and the north woods of maine which was fuckin awesome. I have an intense farmers tan, arms and legs covered in scabs and cuts, and a big painful red rash covered in big puss jewels so that i cant walk very well down one calf to show for it.

My group was pretty cool. We had a serb girl from portland named bogdana; this druggie chick from mass., steph; this kid named erich from conneticut who was pretty funny; Ryan Hennecy aka 'doughthrow', this big football-player from boston; Christy, who lives in wisconsin and was always asking me for stories about evil corporations; and this chick anna from VA with whom i had some pretty interesting discussions. we also had one girl who brought a weed cookie so she would be asked to leave, and this kid doug who finally managed to leave when he scalded his leg.

speaking of, Anna (whose school apparenlty only has a few white ppl in it) was telling us about how at the dances at her school, all the ghetto people come with gallons of milk& wave them over their heads when they dance because its the 'ghetto thing to do'. Has anyone else seen this or have any idea why the fuck anyone would wave milkjugs over their head at dances?

yeah so 22 days in the woods was definitely awesome. i miss it already & ive only been home like 2 days. I'm going to Barcelona i a week (woo) but unfortunately Rebrot & Acampada Jove end tomorrow, so im gonna miss them for like the 3d year in a row. oh well, next year. Anyway, thats enough for now.
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