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hooray for summer.
i remember other summers being boring as crap
but i've been busy all day.
i cut a red bandana and a black bandana in half and sewed the two together, so now i have one red-and-black bandana like that guy at the protest, or like the ones orwell described in barcelona during the spanish civil war.
i planted potatoes. I hope they hurry up.
I'm almost done reading 'the da Vinci code' (summer reading) very interesting.

tomorrow should also be industrious

lauren should come on wednesday; if i get the rest of the Amnesty Jam info i'd like to fill in the maid people too

i'm gonna go try and spend some of my christmas gift certificates thursday before they expire

apparently IWW is holding a meeting friday. Not like i'm an industrial worker, but i could drop by subtly and descreetly observe. If i find nothing better to do, that is. how about industrious workers.

In the near future is the amnesty jam, a blind hang-out with shannon the willis, tea with mme. Touzeau and a whole host of other things. we'll see.
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