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j'te donne la plume pour qu'tu plus belle ville que t'aies connue

louise attaque kicks ass.

so this summer im going to outward bound first thign for a month. wlaking across the wilds of maine. should be exiting actually.

so this week was exhausting as thit...i gave my anthropos presentation finally this was fucking horrible, but i said something vaguely philosophical and mr kiley got all exited and gave me an a+. shrug.

lets see...last friday i went down to the metro to spend the evening in takoma...i got bothered by those same bitchy metro police but otherwide had an uneventul trip there...when i arrived noone i knew had yet arrived, so i walked up the street to hang out in that basement bookstore. I mustve spent an hour reading about cossacks, and when i came out i ran into april, eugene and katie. wow, it had been a while. First we took pictures of things being run over and such, and then we rode around in eugenes van for a bit before coming back to hang out at the maid. funnest thing i did this week or last, i think. this past month has been a bitch. oh well, schools almost out. seniors last day was today.

no school tomorrow, but my weekend is packed with music shit. hopefully ill find something to do tomorrow.
download 'la plume'
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