azal_gorriak (azal_gorriak) wrote,

so i think i sprained a muscle in my hurts to breathe, which kindof sucks.

SO they found a snakehead fish--the kind that can bite you, eat anything, swim, climb out of the water and walk across land, and which i think also carry some toxxin--in pine lake near GC the other day...and so they're draining the whole lake...
so me Jarred, and Aj went down to pine lake after school the other day...we piled into Jarred's truck (which i wrote 'SNAKE HEAD TASK FORCE' on the front of in big letters)well, when we got there i was a little dissapointed...the newspaper had said they would be done draining the lake by then, but it was only about a foot lower. Also we didnt see and snakeheads. oh well. We did see a swarm of about a billion guppies squirming in the shallows.
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